Management of Public Spaces

Ready to make the most of your community's public space?  It can serve as an outdoor classroom, a source of fresh produce for your food bank, a community center, or any combination of resources that will best serve your neighborhood. We can help you map it out, put together a volunteer plan, and develop a maintenance process and manual to keep it going. 

Programs & Curricula

We develop targeted and comprehensive curricula and conduct programs for garden clubs, camps, schools, religious organizations--any groups ready to incorporate the art, science and hands-on pleasures of gardens and horticulture into their learning experience. And now, socially-distanced home-based curricula for learning pods. In addition, we provide

  • Tutoring in plant biology and horticulture
  • Training in landscape design, maintenance and management; pruning; and vegetable/herb garden development

Parties with the Plant Man

Fabulously fun, indoor or outdoor, hands-on planting parties for preschool through school-age children.  Learn more here.

Horticulture school


White Oak Consulting's Brad Baker has has taught for many years in adult education and children's programing, and as adjunct faculty in horticulture at Temple University. He brings this experience, his extensive research and practical experience to all of his Horticulture School programs. Click here to review course offerings and register.



Now providing socially-distanced home-based curricula for learning pods.

Through education, we connect people to the land and to each other, encourage family and community engagement, and produce locally-grown fruits and vegetables--creating  access to fresh, healthy foods for your family, your community, or your local food bank. We offer:

  • The White Oak Consulting Horticulture School

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  • A calendar of open community events

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  • The opportunity to customize your own program

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